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Wie würde Kylie Jenner ohne OP aussehen?

Kylie Jenner is widely recognized as a stunning and alluring beauty icon, but have you ever thought about what Kylie Jenner would look like without her cosmetic surgeries? While it’s true that Kylie’s transformation has become a hot topic on social media, there’s no denying that her journey with plastic surgery has made her the superstar she is today.

Even though Kylie has admitted to having different cosmetic procedures such as lip fillers and breast augmentation, if she hadn’t gone through with these procedures, what would she look like today?

In this article, we’ll explore how Kylie would appear without her cosmetic surgeries and analyze the impact that her plastic surgery journey has had on her image and the beauty community at large.

Kylie Jenner’s Natural Look

Kylie Jenner has gone through substantial changes in her appearance over the years, starting with a relatively natural look in her early teens. She had thin lips, small breasts, and an uneven skin tone in those days. Additionally, her eyebrows were thin and light, and her eyes were hooded.

If Kylie hadn’t undergone any surgeries, she’d be like any other young woman in her mid-20s. A girl with blue eyes, a button nose, a small upper lip, and a significant lower lip. Although Kylie still possesses minimal asymmetry in her lips, which is natural for anyone, they wouldn’t appear as prominent as they appear today.

She’d likely wear less makeup because her natural features are quite stunning, and makeup isn’t necessary to enhance her appearance. However, Kylie would still appear lovely with her natural features, and she wouldn’t have turned into the worldwide cosmetic icon that she is today.

The Journey of Kylie Jenner’s Plastic Surgery

Kylie Jenner’s transformative journey began with lip fillers, which considerably augmented her upper and lower lips. After that, Kylie had more work done on her face, such as different dermal fillers and Botox, to smooth out wrinkles and give her face a firmer, lifted appearance.

All of these operations were carried out when Kylie was somewhat young, preferring this appearance and aesthetics appearance to her original, curvaceous appearance. However, Kylie’s most significant plastic surgery procedure was a breast augmentation, which gave her an hourglass figure, making her appear much more mature and developed.

Kylie’s plastic surgery journey has been a source of controversy and study since day one. Still, with the rise of social media, the subject of her operations and physical appearance have taken on new life as it has become more accessible to observe the minuscule alterations in her appearance.

What Would Kylie Look Like Without Surgery in 2021?

In terms of selecting what Kylie Jenner would seem like today without surgery, based on her natural features when she was younger, there are a few indicators. Kylie Jenner would have been a relatively unremarkable young woman with blue eyes, a small button nose, and a subtle upper lip.

She probably would have been a typical internet personality with average looks. She would have avoided the beauty industry and wouldn’t be the notable cosmetics mogul that she currently is.

While some individuals would have been attracted to her beauty, it’s undeniable that her drastic operations have elevated her image to a whole new level. The subtle changes to Kylie’s appearance have made a significant impact on her image and legitimised her as a beauty icon.


Kylie Jenner’s transformations over the years resulted in her becoming a global beauty icon, admired and envied by millions of individuals worldwide. Despite this, it’s always fascinating to imagine what people would have appeared like if they hadn’t made the choices they did. Kylie Jenner’s natural beauty is, without a doubt, stunning, and she would still be an attractive young woman even without any surgical enhancements.

On the other hand, Kylie’s plastic surgeries have made a significant difference in improving her image and establishing her as one of the most famous beauty icons of our time. Despite critical opinions about her journey and impact on the younger generation, there is no question that Kylie’s achievements are remarkable.